Investing in Africa

The global pandemic changed the way we think, act, work, and feel – hopefully for the better in terms of expanding our horizons on changing the status quo. This...

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Bitcoin, Magic Bubbles And History

While bitcoin has faced many short-term bubble scenarios in the past, its redeeming qualities have remained consistent. My son recently celebrated his fifth birthday. We...

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Explaining the GME Short Squeeze

If you are in the habit of keeping your eye on the stock market at all, then you will recall the extreme, and sudden, rise in GameStop stock prices in early 2021. On...

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Mmmm... Delicious crypto news and ICO alerts!

Why You Need Supply Chain Diversity

Supply Chain is one of the biggest hot button topics of the last six months.  Whether it has to do with the lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic or with various...

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Premium Domain Names are Powerful

What’s in a name? The amount of care that goes into marketing and branding your company name should also be spent on considering what is the best domain name that...

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